Basic Video­ lecture of instructional paragliding tandem flight

Fly like birds is really amazing! But for experience it safely it is needed a lot of dedication and information.

The Base da Nuvem Paragliding School developed this video­lecture for theirs passengers­students, or even for anyone who is just curious to know more about this sport and how it works !

Before performing an instructional Paragliding tandem flight it is mandatory to follow a basic lesson on safety and paragliding knowledge.

No need to worry about anything! It is a basic, simple lesson, just a few minutes to introduce you to the wonderful world of paragliding! If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them! Enjoy your lesson and have a incredible flight !


This video lesson is mandatory to perform the instructional paragliding tandem flight, according to local flight club rules (CVLBH ­ Clube de Voo Livre Belo Horizonte) .

To assure that the passenger­student followed the lecture he\she will be asked a few simple questions.

They will be answered together with the Instructional Paragliding tandem Flight legal contract. For this, pay attention to the highlighted points in this video­lecture!

Do not worry, everything covered in this video­lecture will be remembered with the instructor at the day of the scheduled flight !

We would like to recall that we are available to answer any doubts you have at any moment!


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